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E.g., 09/2021
E.g., 09/2021
18 May 2020

...regarding electric cars and hybrids In Finland

Electric cars and hybrids are quickly becoming increasingly common. According to The Finnish

Transport and Communications agency Traficom, there are notably more fully electric cars and plugin

hybrids in use now than there was a year ago. In 2019, over 4,600 fully electric cars were in use,

while in 2018 the corresponding number was about 2,400. The number of plug-in hybrids in 2019 was

25,000 compared to only slightly over 13,000 in 2018.

Holiday greetings
18 December 2017



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24 November 2017

Consumer reaction following the recent defeat device scandals together with concerns over vehicle access restrictions in certain large cit­ies has led to growing uncertainties around the future of diesel across the European markets. This was the trigger for Arval to issue a white paper on diesel (To download the White paper click on the link below).

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30 March 2017

Leading companies in various industries join forces to address the challenges posed by emerging consumer habits CaixaBank, Global Payments, Samsung, Visa and Arval set up an innovation hub to create the payment methods of tomorrow.

  • 5 million euros will be invested in the Barcelona-based Payment Innovation Hub, which will have a dedicated multidisciplinary team and a facility designed to be conducive to brainstorming, creativity, and shared innovation.

11 January 2016

In 2016, the state affects with the taxation the driver’s carbon footprint. Small changes came into effect on the calculation of the car allowance.

The car tax will be eased in stages for low emission cars, favoring a total of approximately EUR 180 million during the entire reign of the years 2016-2019. The amount payable will be reduced for cars with carbon dioxide emissions of up to 140 g / km.

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