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Changes in the driver's money bag in 2016

Changes in the driver's money bag in 2016

11 January 2016

In 2016, the state affects with the taxation the driver’s carbon footprint. Small changes came into effect on the calculation of the car allowance.

The car tax will be eased in stages for low emission cars, favoring a total of approximately EUR 180 million during the entire reign of the years 2016-2019. The amount payable will be reduced for cars with carbon dioxide emissions of up to 140 g / km.

Taloussanomat has calculated that the car, whose emissions are around 124 g / km, the tax is reduced proportionately by 13 per cent. Less than 65 g / km of carbon dioxide emissions from cars that meet cuts affecting up to 52 per cent. Also, zero-emission vehicles will remain low tax. The motor vehicle tax is reduced proportionally in these cars, 46 per cent from current levels.

Taxpayers' Association says that the vehicle tax will be increased by EUR 100 million, which means an average of € 36.50 increase in the annual fee. The increase is realized in full until the year 2017 due to tax billing cycles.

Calculation of fringe benefits changed again. Monthly taxable value of free car allowance fell by EUR 15 per month. Value of the car allowance is calculated according to the car age. In a free car allowance to be added to the basic operating costs of the share reduced by EUR 0,08 per kilometer, or 120 euros per month for electric cars.

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