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Arval Car Sharing

Arval Car Sharing

Corporate car sharing for everybody

Everyone has his own mobility needs. Can you as an employer fulfil these needs? Undoubtedly not always. With Arval Car Sharing you offer your employees business travel flexibility while they are assured of a representative and safe vehicle.

What is it?

Arval Car Sharing is a new dimension in corporate car sharing for all employees without a lease vehicle. You park one or several vehicles outside and make them available to anyone without a personal lease vehicle. Smart sharing really, so everyone enjoys the benefits of a lease vehicle for business-related travel.

Your smartphone is key

The user makes a reservation with his own smartphone in a matter of seconds. With the virtuel key in the Arval Car sharing application, the car can be opened. Additionally, the app allows the user to register damages and classify the trip as business or private. All is reported to the online platform automatically, where both the users and fleet manager have acccess to.

Pay per user only

A low fixed monthly fee, offers you unlimited access to the Arval Car Sharing vehicle. You pay a fixed amount per kilometre. Because of this price structure, you mainly pay for usage and hardly for availability of the car which makes the Arval Car Sharing vehicle a good replacement for other transportation means like taxi, daily rentals and  pool cars.


The pricing is as simple and clear as the solution itself. To use Arval Car Sharing you pay:

  • a one-off registration fee of EUR 100,00
  • a fixed monthly fee of EUR 222,00 including fuel card usage per vehicle
  • EUR 0,20 per kilometre excluding fuel
  • 12-months contract term
  • notice period 3 months.

You are offered to add your own branding. This results in an additional fee of EUR 200,00.

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