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Arval Smart Experience

Meet our solutions that simplify your fleet management and ease your drivers' life.

You and your drivers are at the heart of our strategy. We want to stand by your side whenever you need us and wherever you are. Let's bring a new dimension to our relationship: step aboard the Arval Smart Experience journey.

Arval Connect

Your personalised space to simplify your daily fleet management. With Arval Connect, you find what you need in just a few clicks. You can retrieve operational tools for your fleet at all times. And in the mean time you are up to date with the latest news from the automotive industry.

Your possibilities with Arval Connect
With Arval Connect, you can:

  • Monitor vehicle deliveries of your fleet
  • Find the nearest distributors by means of a search engine
  • Consult useful documents
  • Proceed directly to the details of your fleet (just like you previously did on 'My Arval')
  • Read news from the automotive industry
  • See our social media activity
  • Watch test drives videos
  • Access Arval Fleet View: an overview of your fleet at a glance.

Your benefits with Arval Connect
We hear you think: "What's in it for me?"
We'll show you: Arval Connect contains key elements you need on a daily basis. It is actually your extra support to save time in relatively simple tasks. You have a complete insight to your fleet with details of all vehicle deliveries. With the up to date news from the automotive industry, you are familiar with all that is important in your fleet management. Besides, useful documents are administered online for you which allows you to save time.

Not to forget: Arval Connect is available 24/7 on your touchpad or computer.

Arval Connect
Arval Fleet View

Arval Fleet View

A quick and simple view of your fleet. This user-friendly platform shows all the key indicators of your fleet. The graphics give you a clear insight in your real time fleet status.

What are the features of Arval Fleet View?
Arval Fleet View gives you the key indicators of your fleet in four areas:

  • Fleet: a monthly overview of your fleet for each type of energy used, vehicle and brand.
  • Cost: monthly averages and the budget breakdown.
  • Usage: average mileage deviation for under- and over-mileages leases.
  • Environment: CO2 emissions and consumption rates.

In each category you see the general trend that your fleet has been following since the beginning of the year compared with the year before.

Your benefits with Arval Fleet View
You have a 24/7 quick overview of your fleet with clear data at hand.This supports you to easily make an analysis as the tool compares the elements of your fleet with the year before.

Arval Mobile+

The essential in your pocket. Arval Mobile+ answers your questions wherever you are. The app simplifies every procedure.

What's on Arval Mobile+?
Useful, simple and practical information bundled in one app. After logging in, you enter the home screen consisting of four buttons: 'My Vehicle', 'Communication', 'Other' and a call button that puts you directly through to Arval.

  • My vehicle: current odometer, contract details, fuel consumption, maintenance and damages.
  • Communication: messages of Arval, quarterly driving statistics, fines and contact details.
  • Other: possibility to change your preferences.
  • Call button.

Your benefits
We can be short on this: you benefit from saving time. Note: This is a web-based app, which means you don’t have to install anything and you won’t find it in the App Store or Google Play. Simply visit Then, create a shortcut from the website to your homescreen, and you’re good to go!


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