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Arval Car Sharing, a shared lease vehicle for multiple employees

Arval Car Sharing, a car for all

The lease vehicle for Päivi, Pekka…and anyone else with a need for flexible business travel

Päivi is a young and dynamic employee. No steady working rhythm, no fixed workplace. Every day she adapts to the circumstances  of the moment. Whereas Pekka likes a regular life and drives to and from work in his private vehicle every day. With or without a traffic jam, rain or sunshine. Liisa…

Everyone has his own mobility needs. Can you -  as an employer -  fulfil these needs? Undoubtedly, not always. With Arval Car Sharing you offer your employees business travel flexibility while they are assured of a representative and safe vehicle.

Arval Car Sharing is a new dimension in corporate car sharing for all employees without a lease vehicle. You have one or several vehicles at your premises and make them available to anyone without a lease vehicle.  Smart sharing really, because everyone enjoys the benefits of a lease vehicle for business-related travel.

The user can make a reservation with its own smartphone in a matter of seconds. This smartphone is transformed into a virtual key so no keys or cards need to be handed over. This is extremely practical. The intelligent reservation system, which allows you to make a reservation at any time and from any location, makes Arval Car Sharing unique.

Your advantages with Arval Car Sharing

A low fixed monthly fee, offers you unlimited access to the Arval Car Sharing vehicle. You pay a fixed amount per kilometre. Because of this price structure, you mainly pay for usage and hardly for availability of the car which makes the Arval Car Sharing vehicle a good replacement for other transportation means like taxi, daily rentals and  pool cars.

Arval Car Sharing contributes to your company image while you make sure your employees appear in a new, well-equipped vehicle. You are given the possibility to add your own branding.

The number of kilometres and the fuel spend of every trip is recorded automatically. This results in an accurate administration for you and the users.

The concept is based on full operational lease and thus the users benefit from a hassle free solution without having to worry about additional costs charged.

User advantages

This simple and user-friendly solution saves the users from filling expense claims, use of their private vehicle for business purposes, dependency on public transportation. On top of that they enjoy driving in a well-equipped, safe and environmental friendly vehicle. Your employees will proudly hit the road.

Try for free!

You have the opportunity to try an Arval Car Sharing vehicle for one week...for free. You can subscribe via the webform below.

Arval Car Sharing, try for free!

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