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Arval Consulting

Consulting services to run your fleet better

Arval Consulting offers you ideal mobility and fleet solutions addressing not only your vehicle-related issues but also your employees’ overall mobility strategy.

Mobility and fleet strategy

We are here to help you, whether you are looking for a new mobility strategy or wish to review your fleet strategy. We can help you identify and inventory the motives for mobility within your business. We can update you on the impact of tax changes on your business organisation. We can help you decide between the options of managing your own fleet and a leasing solution, explaining all the pros and cons. You will be able to make an informed decision on the basis of sound commercial reasons.

Policy and organisation

Your mobility and fleet strategy is implemented through a series of policies that reflect your requirements and determine how your organisation should function. We can help you bring your Mobility Policy fully into line with your motives and objectives. We can analyse your Company Car Policy and help you update or revise it so that it fits your business needs and current market conditions. And we can help you optimise your fleet to meet your CSR targets and generally make it run more efficiently.

Employee and driver

All your employees play a key part in achieving your strategic objectives, whether or not they have the use of a company car, and all of them have mobility requirements. Arval Consulting can benchmark your policy with that of other organisations to help you make it more attractive. We can also help you influence your employees’ driving style, gearing it more towards safety or sustainability, and we provide a number of e-learning modules for employees covering safe driving, the highway code, etc.

“These missions have generated identified average savings of €600 per vehicle per year.”--Alessandro Pigazzi, Director of Consulting, Arval.

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