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Arval Relax

Sit and lean back with Arval Relax

Make it yourself comfortable and enjoy all the services to ease your life. There is really nothing to worry about anymore when you choose Arval Relax. All the hassle of managing your vehicle is done by us and you know exactly what you pay for it.

Control your cost with one monthly rent. You outsource all financial risks related to the vehicle to Arval You do not have to worry about depreciation value, this is included in your monthly rental.

All your vehicle and fleet information 24/7 online including an online archive of all your vehicle related documents.

Your vehicle constantly in perfect condition which is all covered by the one monthly rental you pay. We have partnerships with manufacturer dealers and high quality universal garages.

It is the unexpected that always happens. With Arval you are all-risk insured, so Third Party Liability and Material Own Damage including Guaranteed Auto Protection. Your own contribution is €500 in case of a non-recoverable damage.

Worn out tyres? When needed, your tyres are replaced as soon as possible without any extra costs. Winter tyres, seasonal tyre change and storage are included.

With Arval you always have the right for a relief vehicle. Relief vehicle will be always available free of charge after 24 hours from the moment of need until your vehicle is back on the road.

Inter(national) assistance at all times. Support guaranteed in case of a breakdown no matter where you are.

Arval provides fuel cards of all major fuel companies (ST1/Shell, ABC, Neste) and manages the complete administration around it.

We arrange everything in case of an accident. You only report the damage to Arval and we manage the rest of the hassle.




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