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Frequently asked questions - Arval driver

How often should my car be taken to maintenance?

Usually the car is serviced once a year. However, the service interval can be flexible in new cars, so familiarize yourself with the maintenance program for your own car and follow the car's service interval indicator.

Where can I take my car to maintenance?

Arval has a nationwide network that specializes in vehicle repair and maintenance and assistance, covering the entire country. Arval's contracted suppliers guarantee quality in the work performed. Maintenance can be booked electronically through the MyArval application. You can also ask more about maintenance, repairs and tires by emailing maintenance@arval.fi or by calling our customer service at tel. +358 9 8254 1234.

What maintenance or repair costs are not covered by my contract?

Certain services are not included in the contract and are therefore not accepted when the repair shop submits a request to Arval. You can do this at your own expense if you wish. The most common things that are not included in the contract: updating GPS maps/renewing the subscription, changing floor mats, purchasing a charging cable. If you are unsure whether the service you want is included in the contract, call our customer service on +358 9 8254 1234 or send us an email to maintenance@arval.fi.

What do I do in the event of an accident or damage?

In case of serious damage, always call the emergency center (112) first. To investigate the damage, contact Arval without delay via phone +358 9 8254 1234, and send a damage report to the insurance company and a copy to Arval. If it is vandalism, theft or other damage where the perpetrator is unknown, contact the police.

When should I contact Arval roadside assistance?

You should always contact Arval's road service when the trip is interrupted for one reason or another - when your car has a flat tire or, for example, a technical fault. Arval 24/7 Roadside service helps around the clock. tel. +358 9 8254 1200.

Where do I wash my car and is it included in my contract?

Washing is not part of the leasing contract. Often the fuel card can also be used to pay for washing, which is charged to the customer company. Check with your employer.

How and where do I inspect my company car?

You can have your car inspected at an A inspection office. You can book an appointment online or by calling. You can find contact information on the A-Katsastus website.

Frequently asked questions - Decision makers

How long are the contract periods?

We offer contracts for different needs and durations. There are different types of contracts that cover different needs, from a few months to years long rentals.

What kind of commercial vehicles does Arval offer?

As a brand-independent company, Arval offers all light commercial vehicles sold in Finland, i.e. vans for example. The range of electrified vans is constantly expanding, and you can also get all electric vans sold in Finland through us.

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