Arval kuljettajan ohjeet huollot ja korjaukset

Maintenance, technical repairs and inspections

Arval's care of vehicles does not end with the delivery of the vehicle. During the life of the car, there will be periodic maintenance, possible technical repairs and inspections. All of these are included in the Arval full service leasing agreement. On this page, you can find out about various measures and practical instructions for maintaining the vehicle's performance.

Periodic maintenance

An Arval car should be maintained in the same way as any other car. Periodic maintenance keeps the car functional, reduces the possibility of damage and breakdowns, and preserves the car's warranty. With a maintained car, your journey will be more carefree.

Periodic maintenance is included in the price of the Arval full service leasing, but it is the car user's responsibility to ensure that the periodic maintenance of the car is performed on time in accordance with the maintenance program. Familiarize yourself with the car's user manual and the maintenance program found in there.

When your car needs maintenance, the most convenient way to book the service is with the MyArval mobile application. You can also book a service appointment here. Arval customer service will help you with all maintenance related questions.

Technical repairs

Even the best cars may experience technical faults along the way. Repairing these is also included in the Arval full service leasing.

If the car indicates the need for repair with a warning light or note, always contact the authorized service center of your car brand. Arval customer service will also help you with matters related to technical repairs.

Arval Oy's permission is always required for repairs carried out abroad. If your car is damaged or needs repairs abroad, always contact Arval beforehand.

If a technical fault interrupts the journey or prevents it from continuing, contact Arval roadside assistance at +358 9 8254 1200. Arval roadside assistance is available around the clock, and is the primary contact outside of office hours.


In addition to regular maintenance, cars must be inspected according to the prescribed inspection program. Inspections are also included in all Arval full service leasing contracts.

However, as a car user, it is your responsibility to take care of the car's periodic inspection latest at the date mentioned. Familiarize yourself with the timings of your car's periodic inspection well in advance. An uninspected car is automatically and immediately banned from driving.

Inspection matters are handled through our inspection partners' A-Katsastus and K1 Katsastus. When you take care of the inspection with an Arval partner, invoicing and other practical matters are handled directly between Arval and the partner. If there are no partner service points in your location, contact Arval's customer service.

You can book an appointment for an inspection or check the locations of our partners' inspection points from the links below:

A-Katsastus booking

K1-Katsastus booking

You can find more information about periodic car inspections on Traficom's website.

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