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Returning the leased car

When your contract has come to an end or you are getting a new vehicle, it is time to return your old leased car back to Arval.
On this page, you will find instructions and practices related to returning the car.

Where do I return the car?
Cars are primarily returned to the Arval return point (SE Mäkinen, Lamminsuontie 1, 01750 Vantaa) on weekdays between 08:00 and 15:30. This return method does not cause additional costs.

If agreed separately, the car can be left to be transported at separately designated inspection stations (view stations available from here) or at the car dealership where you pick up your new car. Please notice that using these alternative return methods may cause additional costs. If you have any questions about the alternative return methods, please contact Arval's customer service in advance.

When you know the return date and where you are returning the car, notify us by email at The notification must be made no later than the day of return. Please note that other than the primary return method may cause additional costs.

In what condition should the car be returned?
Return your car clean inside and out. If the car has not been properly cleaned, washing costs may have to be charged. Remember to empty the car of your personal belongings before returning the car.

What do I return with the car?

  • All keys and remote controls belonging to the car and accessories
  • Both sets of tires
  • Instruction and service manuals
  • Hat shelf, spare tire, roof racks, lock bolt, dust caps and other accessories that belong to the car and/or came with it.

Cars usually suffer some damages along the journey. When returning a leased car, some damages are seen as normal wear and tear due to the use of the vehicle, while others are interpreted as damage or abnormal wear. All damages must be reported to the insurance company and Arval before the return. The insurance company's claim code must be reported to Arval.

See more detailed instructions and definitions regarding the return of damage to the car in the vehicle return instructions.

Buy your Leasing car
We offer the option to buy your leased car instead of returning it to us. Contact our customer service if you are interested in buying your leased car.

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