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Fuel cards and Charging

We offer the possibility of refueling and charging solutions as part of the leasing contract. Fuel and charging solutions are implemented through our extensive partner network. Thanks to this, they can be used effortlessly throughout Finland.

Your maintenance lease may include the option of a fuel card and/or a charging solution. This depends on your employer agreement with Arval. If necessary, check the use of the service at Arval's customer service.

Fuel cards

Depending on your card type, you can easily refuel and wash your vehicle as part of the leasing contract. Check your contract or Arval's customer service to see which services are included in your leasing contract.

Our selection includes fuel and charging solutions from several partners. Arval orders and delivers the cards agreed in the leasing contract.

As the card holder, you are responsible for the purchase transactions of your card.

Loss of fuel card

If your fuel card is lost or ends up in the wrong hands, immediately notify the fuel company that provided the card and Arval's customer service of blocking the card. The card blocking numbers of the fuel companies work 24/7, and the notification must be made immediately. Arval's customer service should be contacted as soon as possible within the opening hours.

Card blocking numbers 24/7

ABC / S-Business card: +358 20 333
Neste: +358 800 196 196
Shell: +358 800 199 899
St1: +358 800 137 70

Use of a fuel card abroad

Please note that the use of cards abroad is limited. Please check the abroad functionality of your card well in advance.

Charging an electric car

Charging an electrified vehicle at a public stations or workplace charging point is easily done as part of the leasing contract.

Depending on the leasing agreement, charging solutions are available directly as part of the leasing agreement for a plug-in hybrid or fully electric car. The solutions for public chargers and workplace charging points are implemented through our partners, either with a charging token, a mobile application or both.

Check with Arval's customer service which suppliers' charging solutions are included in your leasing contract.

It is also possible to add a home charging station to your Arval leasing contract. A suitable home charging point is selected from our partners' selection based on the car model and its charging standards. If you want to include a home charging solution in your leasing contract, contact Arval's customer service.

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