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Tires and tire services

All Arval vehicles come with two sets of tires, with summer and winter tires. Seasonal tire change and tire hotel services are also among the many benefits of driving an Arval vehicle.

In tire matters, our partners Euromaster, RengasCenter and Vianor serve you. Tire issues at our partners' service points are easy and hassle-free, as invoicing and other issues are handled directly between the partner and Arval. You can choose the service point closest to you as your business point.

If your tires are already in seasonal storage at our partner's office, please book a tire change at the office where your tires are stored. If you don't remember where your tires are stored, contact Arval's customer service.

When using any tire services, always remember to mention that it is an Arval vehicle, so your transaction will be handled smoothly. Please remember to also take any accessories that may be required, such as the key for the lock bolts, for changing the tire.

If there is no service point of our partner in your location, contact Arval's customer service.

You can check the service points of our partners from the links below and make an appointment in their website:

Euromaster service locator

RengasCenter service locator

Vianor service locator

During the seasonal storage of the tires, the condition of the tires is also checked, and if necessary, the tire shop recommends Arval to replace the worn tires with new ones. Tire renewals within normal wear and tear are included in the Arval maintenance leasing contract. The need to replace tires due to tire defects or improper use is not part of normal wear and tear, and therefore not covered by the leasing contract.

If you encounter problems with tires on the road, our 24/7 road side assistance is at your service at +358 9 8254 1200

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