For electric car drivers

Electric cars are rapidly becoming more common and the various model options are constantly increasing, so they can no longer be considered rarities. However, especially those driving their first electric car may be surprised by the different terms and practices associated with electric cars as their use requires slightly different skills and habits compared to traditional combustion engine cars.

On this page, you will find information about how electric cars work, as well as practical tips for smooth and efficient journey with an electric vehicle.

General tips

Get to know the applications and updates of your car's operating system that make driving easier. The car manufacturer may also offer mobile applications for remote control of the car.

Charging the car is certainly one of the biggest changes for someone getting to know their first electric car. Familiarize yourself with the instructions for charging your own car, e.g. to the charging limits of your car. Your car generally likes slow charging, and it's also often cheaper than fast charging. Read more about charging further down the page.

Even driving itself is quite different from driving a traditional combustion engine car. The most noticeable factor affecting the driving feel is energy recovery, which feels like braking to the driver. This feeling could be compared to the engine braking of a combustion engine car with a manual transmission. Since the actual brakes of the car are not often used when driving an electric car due to energy recovery, their working condition must be maintained at regular intervals by consciously using the brakes. When the brakes are used, they don't get stuck and stay in better working condition.

When driving electric cars in winter, you should take into account, for example, the braking effect of energy recovery in slippery weather, instructions for charging the car in freezing weather, preheating the battery and the effect of cold outdoor air and the use of heating devices on the range.



One thing that worries electric car drivers is charging the car. Where and how can and should I charge the car?

An electric car should always be charged when the car is parked for a longer period of time. With home charging solutions, you conveniently charge the car at night, with office charging during the working day, and with public charging stations, you can charge the car's battery during longer journeys or, for example, during a shopping trip.

​​Public charging

The number of public charging stations and more efficient charging points is growing rapidly. Public charging points can be found, for example, at larger gas stations, shopping centers, hotels and even in the parking lot of a convenience store. The pricing of such stations is usually based on either the charging time or the amount of energy used. Use requires a suitable download tag or mobile application. The most convenient way to find the pricing, terms and download locations of each service provider is in the applications. If you often use public charging stations, it's worth downloading at least a few different service providers' apps to your phone.

Long-distance electric car driving requires a slightly different way of thinking, since charging still takes more time than refueling. It is therefore worth allocating more time for the trip, planning the route in advance and getting to know the charging points and service providers along the way in advance., maintained by Sähköautoilijat Ry, makes it easier for you to plan your trip!

According to the experiences of Arval employees, A better routeplanner ABRP application is a suitable tool for electric cars. The application has e.g. a route planning service that takes into account the features of your car model when planning the route and the proposed charging stops along it. However, please always note that the advice is indicative and when it comes to electric cars, it's better to play it safe than risking your way to the next charging station. You can find the application in the App Store and Google Play.


Home charging

Choose a home charging point as part of the leasing package!

Charging station at home is an easy solution for regular everyday life. Your car is conveniently charged overnight, and the battery is ready to drive in the morning. The home charging station with its installation can be included as part of Arval's maintenance leasing package. So feel free to contact us regarding home charging station issues as well, and our experts will work with you to figure out the right solution for you.

A suitable home charging point is selected from our partners' selection based on the car model and its charging standards. When the home charging solution is added as part of the maintenance leasing agreement, the home charging device is added as an accessory to the car. If you are a company car owner, please note the effect of the price of accessories on the car's tax value.

When planning a home charging station, it is good to take into account the requirements and limitations of the location where the charging station is being installed. These include e.g. permit matters from the housing company or the property owner, the characteristics of the electrical network used and consideration of possible insurance issues. 

Charging at work

Another convenient opportunity to fully charge the battery of an electric car is during the working day. Charging service providers enable different charging solutions for your workplace as well. If your company is interested in office charging solutions, contact Arval and together with our partners we will find out the best solutions that suit you.

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