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Rueil-Malmaison, 2 March 2021 – Arval and ClimateSeed are joining forces in a worldwide environmental partnership. With this partnership, Arval will complete its offer to accompany its customers along the entire zero-carbon trajectory and will offer climate contributions through carbon reduction projects to those who are already engaged in a decarbonisation process at a company or fleet level.

The consequences of climate change are already visible and are accelerating. Achieving global carbon neutrality by 2050 appears to be the solution to reach the 1.5°C targets of the Paris Agreement. Organisations and society as a whole can contribute to global carbon neutrality through two main levers: a decrease in global emissions and an increase in carbon sinks. Organisations must therefore first measure their own CO2 emissions, reduce them and make a climate contribution through CO2 reduction projects for any residual emissions.

Since 2018, Arval has been supporting its customers in their energy transition via the SMaRT (Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Targets) approach. In implementing this methodology, customers may find themselves confronted with residual CO2 emissions that they will not be able to eliminate in the short term. Therefore, the participation in CO2 reduction projects becomes key. These include forest conservation, reforestation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, community projects, water and waste management.

ClimateSeed is the first Social Business launched in collaboration with the team of Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Yunus, and a 100% subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group, reinvesting all of its profits in environmental projects. ClimateSeed’s offer complements Arval's SMaRT approach, going beyond a measurement and reduction solution and offering the possibility to contribute to carbon reduction projects with strong social and environmental impacts

This partnership between both companies consists of five steps:

  • Thanks to the SMaRT approach, Arval Consulting teams are able to establish a CO2 emission reduction plan for their customers’ fleet.
  • Arval Consulting teams will then calculate their new carbon footprint.
  • To offset potential residual CO2 emissions, customers will be granted free access to the ClimateSeed platform.
  • They will select and contribute to certified CO2 reduction projects via the ClimateSeed platform and will obtain a certificate on supported projects.
  • For customers to display the actions they have taken, they will also receive an external and internal communication kit.

A win-win-win partnership

This partnership will benefit both companies and their customers. For ClimateSeed, it will give as many people as possible access to its catalogue of certified projects. For Arval, as an additional step in reinforcing its commitment as leader in sustainable mobility within its new Arval Beyond strategy.

Social Business is the central value of this partnership hence Arval and ClimateSeed are committed to reinvest all profits either for the benefit of Arval’s clients (sustainability training programmes, employee awareness initiatives) or to the creation of new climate contribution programmes.

We are very happy to launch this new cooperation with our natural partner ClimateSeed, as we are both part of the same Group, BNP Paribas. In an environment where reliability is key, it is fundamental to offer Arval’s customers the possibility to work with a trusted climate partner to achieve their CSR objectives,” declares Shams Dine El Mouden, Arval Consulting Director.

ClimateSeed is proud to be Arval’s climate partner and provide its customers a solution to accelerate the transition to a greener mobility. Decarbonisation and contribution to CO2 reduction projects are necessary steps to reach global carbon neutrality. All projects not only have positive environmental and social impacts, but they also support local communities and protect the planet and its biodiversity,” declares Sébastien Nunes, ClimateSeed CEO.

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About Arval:
Arval specialises in the European leader in full service vehicle leasing and new mobility solutions, leasing almost 1.4 million vehicles at end December 2020. Every day, more than 7,200 Arval employees in 30 countries offer flexible solutions to make journeys seamless and sustainable for its customers, which range from large international corporates to smaller companies and individual retail clients. Arval is a founding member of the Element-Arval Global Alliance, a worldwide leader in the fleet management industry, with 3 million vehicles in 50 countries. Arval was founded in 1989 and is fully owned by BNP Paribas. Within the Group, Arval sits within its Retail Banking & Services division.

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