Arval kuljettajan ohjeet leasingsopimuksen päättyessä

Instructions at the end of the contract

When your leasing contract is coming to an end and it's time to park your car, it's good to think about future mobility needs. We offer several options at the end of the leasing contract. Whether your plan is to extend the current leasing contract, order a new vehicle, buy a car for your own or return the car, you can always get help and advice on how to proceed from us. Read more about the different options below.

Continue your current Arval leasing contract

Did you know that the leasing agreement does not have to end at the time agreed upon at the beginning? You get more flexibility by extending the contract of your current vehicle, for example if the delivery of the new car is delayed or if it still suits your needs.

By extending the contract, you will benefit from a familiar vehicle and continuous Arval services. Contact your Arval customer representative to extend the contract.

Do you need a new vehicle?

If the current vehicle no longer serves future needs and extending the contract is not an option, a new vehicle that meets the needs can be ordered.

By ordering a new vehicle, we ensure that you stay on the move with up-to-date equipment, enjoying the benefits of Arval fullservice leasing in the future.

When ordering a new vehicle, the delivery times of the vehicles must be taken into account. In this case too, your own Arval customer representative will help you.

Change to Arval Private Leasing

If the expiring contract concerns a company car, we offer you the opportunity to continue using the vehicle by changing it to Arval Private Leasing.

You get the freedom to continue using a familiar car with Arval Private Leasing, still enjoying the peace of mind of leasing and Arval's services.

Contact your customer manager and we will explore the possibility of continuing to drive as an Arval Private Leasing customer.

Make the leased vehicle your own

When your leasing vehicle contract comes to an end, we offer the opportunity to purchase the vehicle for yourself. In this way, you get to own a vehicle which history and usage you are already familiar with, without ongoing contractual obligations.

Returning the vehicle at the end of the contract

When the leasing contract ends and is not renewed, transferred to private leasing or purchased, the vehicle must be returned to Arval.

You can find more information about the return process and practical instructions on page Returning the car.

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