Arval Mid Term Rental

Arval Mid Term Rental - Full service leasing from 1 to 24 months

Is your business growing or do you need a car in high season? Are you opening a new office or do you want to take logistics in a new direction? Then we have the solution for you! Arval Mid Term Rental (leasing on monthly basis) is the perfect solution for growing needs or short-term challenges.

Arval Mid Term Rental is a flexible, simple and transparent solution to quickly meet your vehicle needs


Does your company need a car at short notice? Arval can lease vehicles to you for 1 to 24 months. Simple and flexible.

Care free

You get access to all our services, as well as personal customer service.

Quality Service

A good selection of fully equipped vehicles.

Arval understands that your business is dynamic. For your temporary employees, new employees on probation, consultants or for short-term projects, pilot projects or before delivery, we adapt our leasing car solution to your needs. We are flexible in relation to your changes and can offer you turnkey solutions.

Arval Mid term Rental gives you flexibility while you will enjoy all the advantages of full service leasing. Our solutions meet your business goals, opportunities and requirements. Your Mid Term Rental vehicle is delivered within 48 hours or on a date that suits you. 

Simple and flexible process



Quality Service

Arval Mid Term Rental offers a great selection of different types of vehicles:

  • Electric, diesel or petrol
  • Manual or automatic transmission
  • Arval offers fast delivery and on-site collection if desired.

Arval Mid Term Rental guarantees expertise and quality:

  • Competitive prices



Services included in Arval Mid Term Rental

Road Assistance

Market-leading roadside assistance for all drivers in all countries around the clock to get you back on the road.

Service, Maintenance and Repair

Service, maintenance and repair are important for the safety, reliability and reputation of your company and your fleet

Insurance and Accident Management

All areas of insurance and accident handling are covered, including car repairs and insurance claims. 


Replacement vehicle

Arval can offer you a replacement vehicle, from the same class, when yours is at the garage

Arval Outsourcing Solutions

Outsource the entire management of your fleet to us, from driver assistance to fleet administration

Tyre Management

We take care of your tires throughout their life cycle, from purchase to storage and seasonal tyre changes.

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