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Driver's instructions along the journey

Are you looking for information related to maintenance, has the vehicle been damaged or are you traveling abroad with your car?

On this page you will find information and instructions that will help you enjoy an effortless journey with an Arval vehicle.

If you can't find the answer to your question here, check our frequently asked questions or contact our customer service. Our experts are here for you to make your leasing as smooth and effortless as possible.

Taking care of the vehicle

Use the vehicle with care and caution, as well as the vehicle
in accordance with the instructions and administrative regulations related to use and maintenance. As a driver, your task is to ensure that the car is used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. This is why you should familiarize yourself with the car's maintenance program. Please note that the consequences of neglecting the maintenance program or the inspection program are your responsibility.

The vehicle must be taken for inspection on time. Use of the vehicle is only permitted in normal road traffic. Also, transporting people or goods for payment or using them for other purposes not covered by car insurance is not allowed.

Smoking in the car is strictly prohibited.


All Arval full service leasing contracts include seasonal tire changes and tire storage in a tire hotel. You should take care of having all tire changes done at an Arval partner. The service is offered at the service points of our partners Euromaster, RengasCenter and Vianor.

Read more about tire services and find the nearest branch on the page tires and tire services.

Fuel cards and electric car charging

As a company car owner, your full service leasing contract may include the possibility of a fuel card and/or a charging solution. This depends on the agreement with Arval.

Always record your odometer reading when using the card. If the card is lost or stolen, you must immediately contact the card provider and Arval.

As the card holder, you are responsible for the purchase transactions of your card.

Read more on the fuel cards and charging page.

Maintenance, technical repairs and inspections

Periodic maintenance is included in the price of the full service lease agreement, but it is the car user's responsibility to ensure that the periodic maintenance of the car is performed on time in accordance with the maintenance program. Familiarize yourself with the car owner's manual and the maintenance program found in there.

If there is a need to repair a technical fault in your car, contact the authorized service center of your car brand. Arval's permission is always required for repairs carried out abroad. If a fault prevents you from driving, Arval roadside assistance is at your service 24/7 on +358 9 8254 1200.

You can book a maintenance appointment from the MyArval mobile application or directly here. Our customer service will help you with all questions related to maintenance and repairs.

Read more on the Maintenance, Technical repairs and Inspections page.


MyArval makes your everyday life easier with an Arval vehicle. In the service, you can find, for example, your car's information and documents, book maintenance and report damage.

You can also download the MyArval mobile application, so that all the mentioned things in your car are conveniently in your pocket!

Download the MyArval mobile app for iPhone or Android.

Driving abroad

When traveling by car abroad, you must have an export permit issued by Arval. You also need the technical part of your vehicle's registration extract in paper form, which the owner of the vehicle can get from the nearest inspection office that carries out registrations.

The vehicle's export permit does not change the insured regional zone. If you use the vehicle in a country that is not covered by your insurance, the written consent of both the insurance company and Arval is required in advance. You can ensure the insured area from your own insurance company.

If your leasing car has studded tires, remember to find out the laws regarding winter tires in the destination country before your trip. Driving with studded tires may be prohibited or otherwise restricted in some countries.

You can find your vehicle's export permit document in the My Arval service

Reimbursement of expenses

The expense reimbursement form can be used in cases where the expense covered by the leasing agreement has exceptionally had to be paid by the user. Examples of situations like this are the failure of direct billing or other situations where the user has had to pay for the service included in the leasing contract himself.

You can apply for expense reimbursement using the expense reimbursement form that opens below. Please fill out the expense reimbursement form carefully for quick processing.

In the event of an accident

If personal injuries have occurred by accident or the injury causes danger to other road users, always call the general emergency number 112.

Arval will help you in all situations regarding equipment and material damage. If the damage prevents the vehicle from being driven, Arval roadside assistance will help you on the road 24/7 at +358 9 8254 1200.

All damages must be reported to Arval. If your leasing contract does not include vehicle insurance, but the car is insured elsewhere, file a damage report to your own insurance company as well.

If you have a stone chip in our windscreen that can be fixed, the damage do not need to be reported to Arval. In any glass damages you should contact our partner Autoklinikka.

Read more instructions on the Accidents page. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Substitute vehicle

If your trip is interrupted or you cannot use your leased vehicle for some other reason, your contract may include the right to a substitute car.

To ensure the possibility of a substitute car, contact your Arval customer representative or customer service.

Washing the car

As a driver of the vehicle, you must take care of car maintenance, which also includes regular car washing. Keeping the car clean helps to keep it in good condition and increases the comfort of use.

Car washes are not part of our leasing contracts. Regardless, you must take care of keeping the car clean in accordance with the terms of the contract.

If you are a company car driver, your company's car policy may include the option to wash the car with a fuel card. If necessary, check with the person responsible for your company's vehicles or contact us.

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